English mild ale is a throwback to a more simple time where people knew who they voted for and why, saw work as a wage rather than a lifestyle, and who chose their beer like they supported their sports team - because it was what you did and it wasn’t worth fussing over. Simple Pleasures is what we drink to take life back a notch or two. There’s a ton of flavour and aroma for such a light beer (3.8%), with notes of light chocolate, nuts, caramel, light roast, and raisin and plum fruit. It is a delightful shade of mahogany that makes you feel as though you drinking a proper pint. No pretension. No sensory assault. No gimmicks. Just a refreshing, flavourful malt-accented beer that is readily suited to drinking in quantity.

STYLE: Dark Mild Ale

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Malt-forward pub session ale

ABV: 3.8%

IBU: 15

HOPS: Summit