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Coming DECEMBER 2018 | Calgary, AB 



Since we were children, we’ve yearned for our own special place.

A cardboard box fort; a cubby under the stairs; a flashlight under the covers. As we grew up, we slept in tents under trees. We bought campers and took road trips. We rented cabins in faraway places and gathered with friends. We made memories.

The humble cabin represents the ultimate escape. A home away from home. A respite from the stresses of work and the regularity of everyday life. A place to be yourself.

Cabin Brewing Company embodies that feeling. It is a place to make new memories. It is your new special place.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Drink great beer.




Cabin Brewing Company is a brewing supergroup determined to make Alberta a better place, one great beer at a time. We drink beer. We taste beer. We make beer. We judge beer. We live beer. We know beer. 


JONAS HURTIG - Head Brewer

Jonas used to mix sound as a career. Now he mixes brewing ingredients to make some of the tastiest beer in the province - and we all love him for it. As an experienced professional brewer, a multiple award-winning homebrewer and as a Certified BCJP beer judge, Jonas puts his “quality first” mantra to work every day. He has impeccable sensory skills and recipe development expertise. There are no test batches for Jonas; the beer he brews is the beer we sell. Period.

Jonas is Cabin’s master crafter, production manager, brew system builder, quality control pedant, lab nerd, packaging maestro and overall boss of beer.

e. jonas@cabinbrewing.ca


DARRIN SAYERS - Operations

When Darrin is around, no ingredient is off-limits. As a longtime homebrewer with a mountain of awards to his name and as experiments director at Alberta’s largest homebrew club, Darrin has forged a name for balanced, well-made and curiously tasty beer using unusual ingredients. As a Certified BJCP beer judge, Darrin can spot a bad beer from a mile away and keep you safe from it. He is a mechanic by trade and still wields a wrench like a boss. If it’s broke, Darrin will fix it.

Darrin makes sure Cabin's brewery works damn well. He is responsible for day-to-day operations, logistics, supply chain, maintenance, and assistant brewing.

e. darrin@cabinbrewing.ca


HAYDON DEWES - marketing

Haydon brewed his first batch of beer in 1994. It was terrible. Luckily his writing was better than his beer-making and he forged a career in newspaper journalism in New Zealand, and then in communications in Canada. His brewing has improved – he now has a fistful of brewing medals to his name – and is a Certified Cicerone® and a Recognized BCJP beer judge. Haydon is the founder of Alberta’s The Daily Beer blog and the CBC Eyeopener's regular beer columnist. 

Haydon’s role is to ensure every beer drinker in Alberta knows about, and drinks, Cabin’s beer. He tries to sneak Kiwi hops into every beer we make.

e. haydon@cabinbrewing.ca


"When you arrive at the cabin, and your feet meet the grass, something inside yields to those blades, the moisture, the soil beneath them. You surrender, like an inflatable pool releasing air, your shoulders drop an inch, and your lungs expand. You begin telling time by shadows and stomach growls. That is the cabin. A place where the everyday rules are swept away like the seeds of a dandelion. And in their place, one rule remains: Enjoy it."



Our beer is designed to be fresh, flavourful, complex and hop-centric. We take the best of classic styles and elevate them through craftsmanship and an uninhibited drive for innovation into something that is one-of-a-kind.

We love developing new recipes. We will have new beer on tap as often as we can brew it. We will build and rotate our list of seasonal, one-off and barrel-aged beers so there is always a wide range of styles and new offerings available in the market and in our taproom.

Check back regularly for new releases.


Brewery, taproom and getaway in the heart of Calgary’s growing brewing district, The Barley Belt. Opening late 2018. 

Follow along on our blog for progress reports. 


505 36 Ave SE, Calgary, AB

t. 587 966 9696

e. hello@cabinbrewing.ca



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