Our four beautiful 24HL DME fermenters are comfortable and warm in their new home - but they still don’t have names!

Help us bring these beasts to life.

Use the form below to suggest a name. If the name you suggest ends up becoming is one of those chosen, you’ll get a $25 Cabin Brewing Company gift card.

Make it funny. Make it serious. Make it meaningful. Make it punny. The choice is yours.

Please read the small print below before entering.


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The small print:

  1. You can enter as many times as you like, but only one prize will be given per person.

  2. You can choose any name, but please keep it clean - we’re a family-friendly outfit! Any profanity or abusive names will be scorned, then deleted.

  3. If more than one person picks the same name that is used to name a fermenter, a winner will be chosen at random.

  4. Only four gift cards are available for giveaway.

  5. Gift cards are not transferable.

  6. Gift cards will not be exchanged for cash.

  7. Final names will be selected by Cabin Brewing Company management.

  8. Cabin Brewing Company reserves the right to choose any name it chooses, or no names at all.